August 19, 2019


My name is Joe O’Hare. I’m a comedian and have been doing stand up for over 10 years. Thats saying something considering I’m only 19.

Thats right I was doing comedy at the age of 9, with a huge thanks to the folks over at who helped me get my start.

Over the years since I’ve performed to audiences at The Metropolitan Room, The Kerry Building and the world famous Gotham Comedy Club as well as many other cool places. I’ve helped run and performed in The Department of Sanitation of New York Emerald Society’s annual comedy night since its inception.

I’ve also been featured on WVOX radio on the Dr. Dan show, CBS Radio, and 1010 Wins doing stand-up as well as numerous podcasts.

Aside from comedy I am a proud member of the Broad Channel Volunteer Fire Department and have served in one capacity or another with them since 2006.

I am a huge pro wrestling fan, comic book guy, trekkie, video game nerd and just an overall geek.

My facebook page is Also follow me on twitter @joeoharecomedy on twitter.

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